Encore Sessions Added for SXSW 2019 Conference

March 7, 2019 Nicole Cappabianca

Comedy Bang Bang - 2018 - Photo by Alexa Gonzalez Wagner

This just in: announcing Encore Sessions at the SXSW 2019 Conference! These will provide another opportunity for registrants to see these highly anticipated speakers and sessions.

We know that the limited number of seats in some of the most high-profile discussions are in high demand – and these sessions fill up quickly. That’s why we present them again, so no one has to miss these important discussions.

Explore the emerging tech and cutting-edge ideas at the forefront of the most prominent industries across our 25 tracks of Conference programming. Browse the unexpected discoveries that SXSW provides by bringing together diverse topics and diverse people.

Add some newly added Encore Sessions from the highlights below to your custom SXSW schedule and check back to see which Encore Sessions are added throughout the event.

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Encore Session Highlights by Day

Friday, March 8

The Future of Supermarkets and Retail
2:00pm | Four Seasons, Ballroom CD
Speaker: Kerry Liu (Rubikloud Technologies Inc.)
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The Women Redefining Work and Their Careers
2:00pm | JW Marriott, Room 203-204
Speakers: Justina Blakeney (The Jungalow), Jen Gotch (ban.do), and Iva Pawling (Richer Poorer)
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Mindful Self-Care: The Antidote to Burnout at Work
2:00pm | JW Marriott, Room 201-202
Speaker: Michelle Berry (Courtney Consulting Enterprises, LLC)
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How Adaptive Design is Transforming Brands
2:00pm | Four Seasons, Ballroom AB
Speakers: Scout Bassett, Molly Kettle (Zappos.com), Melissa Langley (Ottobock), and Mindy Scheier (Runway of Dreams)
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Generation Lonely: 10,000 Followers and No Friends
5:00pm | JW Marriott, Salon H
Speakers: Dawn Fallik (University of Delaware) and Julianne Holt-Lunstad (Brigham Young University)
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Smart Fights: Say What You Really Think at Work
5:00pm | JW Marriott, Room 201-202
Speaker: Amy Gallo (Harvard Business Review)
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Wombats and Wood Ducks: CIA’s Secrets to Creative Problem Solving
5:00pm | Hilton Austin Downtown, Salon B
Speakers: Jacob Eastham (Central Intelligence Agency) and Nyssa Straatveit (Central Intelligence Agency)
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Saturday, March 9

How AI is Changing Advertising in China
2:00pm | Fairmont, Congressional B
Speaker: Bessie Lee (Withinlink)
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A Psychologist and an Ad Guy Walk into a Campaign
2:00pm | Fairmont, Congressional A
Speakers: Dan Monheit (Hardhat) and Dr. Melissa Weinberg (LifePsych)
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Creating “Sound-On” Content in a Sound-Off World
2:00pm | Fairmont, Congressional C
Speakers: Tom Chirico (Twitter), Sarah Gibble-Laska (Chapter Four), and Katie Keating (IBM)
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So You Want to be a Change Agent: A Survival Guide
2:00pm | JW Marriott, Room 201-202
Speaker: Carmen Medina (MedinAnalytics LLC)
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Cultural Appropriation vs. Cultural Appreciation
5:00pm | Fairmont, Congressional C
Speakers: Tanya Dua (Business Insider), Chas Moore (Austin Justice Coalition), Tanya Tarr (Cultivated Insights), and Angela Yang (T3)
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Advertising Detox: How to Reduce Cognitive Load
5:00pm | Fairmont, Congressional A
Speakers: Neil Davidson (HeyHuman) and Aoife McGuinness (HeyHuman)
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Behind The Curtain: The Influencer Economy
5:00pm | Four Seasons, Ballroom CD
Speakers: Saray Dugas (Pinterest), Reesa Lake (The Digital Brand Architects), Kendall Sargeant (REVOLVE Clothing), and Hilary Sloan (ShopStyle)
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Sunday, March 10

AI and Social Media: How to Take Control
11:00am | Fairmont, Congressional A
Speaker: Steven Bartlett (The Social Chain Group)
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Transforming the Workplace Through Remote Work
2:00pm | JW Marriott Room 203-204
Speakers: Greg Caplan (Remote Year), Amy Forbes Winebright (Dell), Ian Reynolds (Johns Hopkins University), and Sara Sutton (FlexJobs)
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Beating the Hype of AI in Healthcare
2:00pm | JW Marriott Salon FG
Speakers: Michael Abramoff (IDx Technologies) and Elizabeth Asai (3Derm)
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7 Non-Obvious Trends Changing The Future In 2019
5:00pm | Fairmont Manchester CD
Speaker: Rohit Bhargava (The Non-Obvious Company)
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Monday, March 11

Future of Retail – Exploring Enterprise Innovation
2:00pm | Four Seasons, Ballroom CD
Speakers: Scott Emmons (The Current), Jonathan Fine (RevTech Ventures), Charlie Larkin (GameStop), and Heidi Potthoff (Heidi Marie’s)
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How Millennials are Shaping The Future of Payments
2:00pm | Four Seasons Ballroom AB
Speaker: Nicholas Molnar (Afterpay)
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An Anthropological Approach to Reaching Customers
3:30pm | Fairmont, Congressional B
Speakers: Alisa Stern (Intersection), Gigi Taylor (Luminosity Research), and Louisa Wong (Carat USA)
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Tuesday, March 12

Popup Branding: Zero to Launch in 5 Days
12:30pm | Westin Austin Downtown The Gallery Room
Speaker: Andrea Lindzey (Thinktiv)
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