Blockchain is Building Web 3.0 – 2019 SXSW Programming Trends

February 15, 2019 Ari Roth

To highlight the areas of the 2019 SXSW Conference programming where ideas and technologies will merge together to shape the future, SXSW Programmers have developed a list of 10 trends that act as identifiers for where we’re at and where we’re headed in tech, entertainment, and culture. Explore what is sure to be a prominent trend in SXSW programming this March; Blockchain is Building Web 3.0. Take your understanding of blockchain to the next level and learn how this new digital infrastructure is changing the world around us and will continue to do so in years to come.

Blockchain is Building Web 3.0 Trend

Built into SXSW programming for 2019, is the belief that blockchain technology will fundamentally change the current digital infrastructure of the internet through data decentralization, data transparency, and digital currency. Now, in its early stages, blockchain technology has made headlines through the tumultuous rise and fall of cryptocurrencies. But the true value behind the cryptocurrency goldrush lies in the underpinning blockchain technology. In an effort to explore this new landscape, we have created the Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Track for the 2019 SXSW Conference; dedicated to exploring the ideas, investors, policies, and tokens that will impact global industries. The Track will bring top talent to Austin this March from IBM, MIT, IDEO, Ripple, and more to discuss blockchain’s impact in an array of industries.

Even outside of the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Track, the conversation around blockchain will permeate throughout SXSW Conference sessions. Join us this March to discover blockchain’s impact on fields such as finance, healthcare, government, music, film, and more. During SXSW 2019 sessions related to blockchain, hear from Jesse Lund, Global VP Blockchain & DLT Markets at IBM, on the future of representing physical assets as digital assets on a blockchain for real-time exchanges in the session The Token Economy: Digitizing Real-World Assets. Learn more about how digital values are being attributed to physical assets in the session Value and Art In a Tokenized World with Founding Partner of 22X Fund Ashwini Anburajan, Chief Operating Officer of Artory Lindsay Moroney and others.

Blockchain technology has the ability to speed up transaction times by trading digital assets through a distributed digital ledger. The rate at which transactions can take place will exponentially increase and continue to disrupt markets. But what happens to industries tied to outdated tech and infrastructure? Learn how blockchain is upending the supply chain of industries ranging from publishing to the global food chain in sessions like Can Blockchain Save Publishing? and Revolutionizing Food Safety with Blockchain Tech.

If you’re a blockchain enthusiast, or already in the industry, be sure to add these sessions to your SXSW 2019 schedule and stay tuned for more programming announcements through March. Don’t forget to save time in your schedule for our 2019 Interactive Keynote Joseph Lubin, Co-Founder & Founder of Ethereum & ConsenSys.

Blockchain is Building Web 3.0 Session Highlights

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