Abby the SXSW Chatbot Just Got Smarter

February 23, 2020 Luis Seijo

Got a SXSW question? Abby can handle that. The official chatbot for SXSW is back and better for 2020!

New for SXSW 2020, you can now access Abby via Facebook Messenger along with the SXSW GO Mobile App. Available 24/7, Abby is your personal SXSW concierge ready to provide you with immediate answers about SXSW official events.

Abby can now search for answers from the SXSW Support FAQs.

Get the most out of the 2020 SXSW event and ask Abby your questions directly from the SXSW GO Mobile app. Under the My Account tab, log into your SXSW account to view personalized features like your event favorites. Abby can help you with schedule recommendations, event navigation, discovering new music, films, and sessions.

To chat with Abby via Facebook, you’ll need to make sure you’re following the official SXSW Facebook page and then begin by sending a message. Abby will then prompt you to connect your SXSW Account, browse the schedule, provide answers to badge related questions, and explore exhibitions.

Don’t forget to download the SXSW GO app to get your event Favorites organized, network and message SXSW attendees, and access Abby, the SXSW chatbot.

Start chatting with Abby today!

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