Staying Connected

March 12, 2021 Olivia Cruz

Stay Connected with Visible at SXSW Online

Over the past year, we have changed the ways we interact with one another. Computer and wireless phone screens have been windows to our lives, education, work, friends and family. But they have also been a window into the world and a witness to all we’ve been through as a community, a nation.

Visible is a company committed to togetherness. Our main goal is to create change by building a better wireless service. To us, a big part of creating that change lies within our dedication to provide a positive impact within our community.

Because of our Visible community, our network and team has worked alongside organizations and nonprofits to help students engage in online learning, provide mental health resources and counseling, ensure survivors of domestic violence stay safe and senior citizens experiencing isolation are able to connect with family and friends.

Visible is not just a wireless company, we are part of your community. And this year, we are going to find new ways to use our technology to build new connections and create change. Because together, through our screens that are our windows to the world, we can make a visible difference.

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