The Potential and Pitfalls of Investing in Hemp

March 11, 2021 Olivia Cruz

High Grade Hemp Seed Explores Investing In Hemp

High Grade Hemp Seed sat down for a fireside chat with Kim Kovacs, CEO of The ArcviewGroup, to talk about opportunities of investing in the hemp industry, some of the biggest myths about hemp investing, and how to face the unique challenges of the hemp investment market.

“I think what we’re seeing now in the hemp industry is what I call long-term capital or permanent capital investment. That’s the kind of capital that will change the industry and expedite the real industrialization of hemp. We’re talking about being able to make money while creating real change in the world. To me, that’s a great combination.” – Kim Kovacs

To learn more about the opportunities and challenges of hemp investing and reasons to farm hemp, watch the discussion with Kim Kovacs on the High Grade Hemp Seed website.

Watch the Fireside Chat

A founding company within hemp’s resurgence, High Grade Hemp Seed produces best-in-class hemp genetics and powers economic and environmental sustainability as the newest partner in Santa Fe Farms’ rapidly growing hemp ecosystem.

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