2017 World Music Showcases

March 9, 2017 SXSW Staff Writer

2017 SXSW Showcasing Artist Kabaka Pyramid

Sounds from all around the world will be making their way down to the historical streets of Austin this year at SXSW. From the Caribbean, South America and Africa, to Mexico and Central America, music from all over the globe will be present at this year’s music festival. This is your chance to connect with music industry professionals who are crossing borders, languages and cultures. Be sure to check out these global showcases, while these may not cover every international artist performing this year, it will definitely help you plan out your schedule! Many of these showcases are free and open to the public with the GuestPass, register for access and updates.


Arranged by Date :

Various Showcases Russian House on All Days
Reggae Showcase Flamingo Cantina on Tuesday
Los Globos Flamingo Cantina on Wednesday
Riot Artists Speakeasy on Wednesday
Sounds from Columbia Speakeasy on Thursday
Womex Flamingo Cantina on Thursday
Meccalani Speakeasy Kaberet on Thursday & Friday
Sounds from Venezuela Speakeasy on Friday
Reggae Revival (Mixologi) Flamingo Cantina on Friday
PXP (Passport Experience) Cedar Street Courtyard on Friday
GlobalFEST Palm Door on Sixth on Friday
Contrabanned: #MusicUnites Palm Door on Sixth Patio on Friday
Soul Life Speakeasy on Saturday
Digiwax clearport on Friday and Saturday
Lafayette Live Antone’s on Saturday
Latin Showcase Flamingo Cantina on Saturday
Sounds of the Caribbean and Africa Belmont Saturday

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Kabaka Pyramid photo by Kamal Salmon

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