Midnight Shorts: 2019 SXSW Film Festival Selections [Video]

January 27, 2020 Neha Aziz

The Features and Episodic Premieres Lineup is here! While you wait for 2020 Shorts Program, revisit some of our Midnight Shorts that played at SXSW 2019.

The Midnight Shorts Competition are bite-sized bits for all of your sex, gore, and hilarity cravings. From a neo-sun worshipper to a dynasty of Hells Bells clockmakers, watch select 2019 shorts below.

If you want to indulge in even more shorts, take a look at our SXSW Film Festival Vimeo Channel.

2019 SXSW Midnight Shorts Selections


Director/Screenwriter: Mike Egan

Neo-sun worshiper Martin prepares to appease the solar Gods with ritual human sacrifice. But first he needs a spray tan.

It’s Not Custard

Director/Screenwriter: Kate McCoid

It’s Not Custard is the darkly comic story of Louise, a teenager suffering the dual blows of unrelenting acne and bullying. She awakes one morning to find her acne gone, but this magical gift has a bizarre consequence that grants Louise the most delicious of revenges.

Montana, GA

Director/Screenwriter: Ryan Dickie

In the middle of nowhere, three best friends grow closer when a chill vacation weekend turns supernatural.

Right Place, Wrong Tim

Director/Screenwriter: Eros Vlahos

Right Place, Wrong Tim follows the Bell family, a dynasty of clockmakers who run Dagenham’s infamous ‘Hells Bells’ clock shop.

Other Midnight Shorts and Episodic Pilots that were part of the SXSW 2019 program, but are not yet available to watch on Vimeo include:

  • La Bête — Director/Screenwriter: Filippo Meneghetti
  • Deep Tissue — Director/Screenwriter: Meredith Alloway
  • The Do It Up Date — Director: Emily Ting, Andrew Barchilon Screenwriter: Josh Fadem
  • First Kiss — Director/Screenwriter: Emily Hagins
  • How To Be Alone — Director/Screenwriter: Kate Trefry
  • Other Side of the Box — Director: Caleb J. Phillips Screenwriter: Caleb J. Phillips, Nick Tag

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