Future Trends: Amy Webb, Scott Galloway & Tyler “Ninja” Blevins at SXSW 2022 [Video]

April 29, 2022 Julia Pinto

“RE-PERCEPTION: The ability to see, hear, or become aware of something new in existing information. Noticing what others missed.” — Amy Webb

Thinking about the future and predicting what will happen next encourages us to take action and responsibility now. At SXSW 2022, accredited futurists, predictors, and gamers took to the stages during the SXSW Conference to really give us insight on it all.

Amy Webb, founder at Future Today Institute, made a prevalent return for her 15th Emerging Tech Trends Report for 2022. With an ecstatic welcome, Webb took us through three trend clusters that are foundational to each other. All while helping us unlock an incredible superpower that she calls “re-perception,” Webb wants us to question our assumptions.

Serial entrepreneur, NYU business professor, and host of Pivot Podcast Scott Galloway presented his Provocative Predictions from space exploration to web3 and beyond. Galloway gave us predictions, silver linings, and the answer to the question that he has gotten the most in the past 18 months: “What is the profound opportunity coming out of COVID-19?”

Twitch streamer, YouTuber, and professional gamer Tyler (Ninja) Blevins sat down with his long time manager Jessica Blevins for Beyond Gaming: Ninja on the Future of Entertainment. Team Ninja discussed the trials and tribulations of being a successful streamer and how to properly pivot that success into mainstream acceptance without burning your audience.

These Featured Sessions offer a look into the future taking into account our current place in the world. Watch now to get yourself in the know and prepare for the future of tech and entertainment.

“Remember: just because it’s far away [the future], doesn’t mean we don’t take action.” — Amy Webb

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