Animated Shorts and Episodic Pilot Competition : 2019 SXSW Film Festival Selections [Video]

January 17, 2020 Neha Aziz

The Features and Episodic Premieres Lineup is here! Whet your appetite for this year’s slate by revisiting some of the best Animated Shorts and Episodic Pilots that competed in 2019.

The Animated Shorts Competition is an assortment of stories told using traditional animation, computer-generated effects, stop-motion, and everything in between, while the Episodic Pilot Competition introduces fresh work from bright new talent, many with an eye towards entering production, finding completion funds, or securing a release platform.

If you want to indulge in more shorts, take a look at our SXSW Film Festival Vimeo Channel.

2019 SXSW Animated Shorts Selections

Las Del Diente

Director/Screenwriter: Ana Perez Lopez

Three women discuss the social pressure of having kids while celebrating the uniqueness of their bodies during flamenco covens.


Director:: Julian Glander

Look at clouds. You’re 12.

2019 SXSW Episodic Pilot Competition Selections

Baby Love

Director: Deena Adar, Screenwriters: Danielle Weeks, Miranda Kent

A single camera half hour comedy about two besties since childhood, one a struggling artist, the other an idealistic professional, both unlucky in love and fertility, who decide to stop waiting for Mr. Right and have a baby together.

A Cure For Fear

Director: Lana Wilson

A doctor has come up with a way to knock out phobias and trauma overnight. But what if being afraid is a fundamental part of who we are?

Other Animated Shorts and Episodic Pilots that were part of the SXSW 2019 program, but are not yet available to watch on Vimeo include:

  • The Coin — Director/Screenwriter: Siqi Song
  • East of La Brea — Director: Sam Bailey, Screenwriters: Sameer Gardezi, Halima Lucas, Tanha Dil, Nia Malika Dixon, Thandisizwe Chimurenga
  • Hammerhead — Director/Screenwriter: Dean Imperial
  • Facing It — Director: ASam Gainsborough, Screenwriters: Sam Gainsborough, Louisa Wood
  • Guaxuma — Director/Screenwriter: Nara Normande
  • Je sors acheter des cigarettes — Director: Osman Cerfon
  • M — Director: Javier Devitt, Screenwriters: Mateo Ingouville, Ezequiel Schmoller
  • Maggie — Director/Screenwriter: Sasha Gordon
  • Moderately Put Together — Director: Leigh Ann Biety, Screenwriter: Erin Alexis
  • Obon — Director: Madeleine Gottlieb, Screenwriter: André Hörmann
  • Queering — Director: Leticia De Bortoli
  • Rainbow Ruthie — Director/Screenwriter: Ruthie Marantz
  • Reneepoptosis — Director: Renee Zhan
  • Revenge Tour — Directors: Andrew Carter, Kahlil Maskati, Screenwriter: Kahlil Maskati
  • Slug Life — Director/Screenwriter: Sophie Koko Gate
  • Stepdaddy — Director: André Hörmann, Samo (Anna Bergmann), Screenwriter: Anna Greenfield
  • Sterling — Director: Ryan Zaragoza, Screenwriters: Bryce Ahart, Stephanie McFarlane
  • Who You Are — Director: Joel Jay Blacker, Screenwriter: Samuel Roots
  • Wild Love — Director: Paul Autric,Quentin Camus, Maryka Laudet Léa Georges, Zoé Sottiaux, Corentin Yvergniauz

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