2023 SXSW Interactive Tracks: Design, Energy, Tech Industry, Transportation & More

December 9, 2022 Olivia Cruz

Doodles Activation – SXSW 2022 – Photo by Aaron Rogosin

Come March 2023, downtown Austin will be percolating with industry leaders, students, artists, CEOs, celebrities, and creatives all summoned for our annual celebration of creativity and innovation. And while the word conference usually conjures visions of uncomfortable business attire and beige walls, we’d like to be excluded from that narrative.

The SXSW Conference provides an unparalleled opportunity for panels, sessions, meet ups, workshops, networking, and more. From our 25 tracks of programming, discover all things tech, design, digital marketing, transportation and beyond within our 8 Interactive Tracks!

Interactive tracks assemble experts and cutting-edge companies working in the fields of future-focused technology including Coinbase, Environmental Defense Fund, Google, Harvard, The LEGO Group, MIT, NYU Design, Reddit, TechCrunch, Visa, The Wall Street Journal, and many more.

Get to know our 8 Interactive Tracks below and begin building your customized list of must-see sessions in the SXSW Schedule.

Interactive Tracks


From March 10-14, programming in the 2050 track focuses on long-range, big-picture thinking, with topics that range from nanotech breakthroughs and interplanetary expeditions to life-extension research and novel applications of scientific discoveries.

From navigating Brain Computer Interfaces and understanding of habitability on Earth to harnessing the fundamental particles of the universe to help solve some of society’s most challenging problems via quantum technology, sessions in the 2050 track explore future-focused tech and next-gen advancements. Dive into the 2050 track schedule of confirmed sessions.

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Advertising & Brand Experience

Sessions March 10-14 examine the current and future thinking on strategies to engage audiences through traditional, digital and experiential marketing practices. These can't miss conversations are geared towards agencies and organizations that want to better understand new ways of connecting with their communities.

Keep up with the chaos by strategizing your Brand POV in a Crisis: Speak Out or Shut the F Up? Or find your unique voice with mindful Priming, Rhyming, Timing + Other Marketing BS and Social Trends: Separating the Signal From the Noise. Like, share and subscribe to more Advertising & Brand Experience track schedule sessions.

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Join industry leaders March 10-14 to learn how top designers, developers, artists and creatives build our physical, digital and virtual worlds with purposeful intent. This programming underscores how design thinking helps society achieve our most important goals.

See how technology is designed with the future generations in mind in Designing Tech for Children's Well-Being while sessions like Data Art: Processes and Perspectives and Design Practices for Tomorrow’s Housing highlight where today’s design practices are heading. Draft up your SX schedule and check out the Design track schedule for more sessions.

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March 10-12 sessions explore the problems and solutions of energy production and delivery at every scale, and how new approaches can improve access and equity for communities.

The SXSW Energy Track sessions are the place to be for the latest and greatest in energy innovation, policy and science in sessions like Nuclear Power: Our Most Valuable Climate Solution?, Hydrogen Energy: Climate Hope or Climate Hype?, Reaching Critical Climate Goals Requires Everyone and more. Learn about critical climate goals, nuclear power and how scientists are working to make a better future. Crank up the anticipation for your SXSW adventures and start planning your days around the Energy track schedule.

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Health & MedTech

March 10-13 is jam-packed with content addressing how technological and social changes are impacting one of the world’s largest industries, the Health & MedTech content will cover everything from patient-centric care and gene editing to health equity and 3D-printed human organs.

Discover more about the new brain computer interface (BCI) implant in Hello World: Brain Computer Interfaces at Scale or the ripple effect of supply chains and politics have on your body with Innovating Organ Transplant Supply Chains with UAS and The Post-Roe Fertility Journey. Check out the Health & MedTech track schedule for more compelling sessions.

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Markets & Economies

Take notes March 13-15 as experts analyze the many changes in our systems of commerce that are a direct result of the recession, the pandemic, the rise and fall of crypto, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and other disruptions in our current world.

The SXSW Markets & Economies Track focuses on pulling back the curtain on some of the most pressing topics in business and technology. From The Hidden Culprits Behind Inflation and how the Evolution of the Private Markets to The Disruption That Built the Payments Revolution and the next wave of financial distribution. Make the most of your SXSW experience and invest some time exploring the Markets & Economies track schedule.

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Tech Industry

March 10-15 features the people, platforms, software, hardware and virtual systems that are driving the world’s next wave of change, these sessions balance exciting discoveries against a world that has grown more skeptical about the benefits of the digital revolution.

Listen in as experts find the balance of technological advancements and discuss How Purpose Can Guide Responsible Tech while other sessions explore benefits and challenges of developing Robots For Building In The Wild and asking Will Quantum Change The Way We Bank? Stay up to date on new sessions, speakers and more with the Tech Industry track schedule.

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Catch up on Recent and upcoming technological advances March 14-17 and see how innovators are radically transforming the way we get from here to there. While electrical vehicles are a major focus of this track, sessions will also examine new aviation breakthroughs, commercial space travel and advances in shipping systems, as well as the most exciting new ideas in micro-mobility.

Join us for a series of ground-breaking conversations, demonstrations and networking opportunities that explore the future of transportation technology by Making Electric Mobility Practical for All, learning What Robots Can Teach Us About Autonomous Vehicles and building The Next Aviation Revolution: Advanced Air Mobility. Never miss an important connection by planning your conference days ahead of time using the Transportation track schedule.

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Explore all confirmed sessions across 25 tracks of Conference programming on the SXSW Schedule. Stay tuned for more announcements throughout the season.

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Doodles Activation – SXSW 2022 – Photo by Aaron Rogosin

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