Women Dominating Brands & Marketing

December 6, 2018 Nicole Cappabianca

This is the year that women said “enough is enough – get on board or get out of the way”. The Brands & Marketing Track features many of these women who use their work not only to advocate for other women either through their personal brands or through the brands that employ them, but to use marketing and branding to change the world for the better.

In six days of programming, come learn from some of the industry’s prominent creative strategists during the SXSW Conference from Saturday, March 9 – Thursday, March 14. In public and private sector, women are reclaiming their bodies, reclaiming their space, and reclaiming their agency. These sessions highlight women who are moving the business world forward and are shouting as loud as they need to in order to get the job done.

Brands & Marketing Session Highlights

Girl Culture

This year we witnessed women speaking out in new and powerful ways that led to massive campaigns like the #MeToo movement. Join Alma Har’el, director and Free the Bid Founder, and Margaret Johnson, COO of Goodby Silverstein & Partners and AdAge’s Executive of the Year, in a conversation moderated by Lauren Greenfield, Director of #likeagirl and Generation Wealth and Founder of Girl Culture Films, as they discuss the journey towards equality and how Hollywood and advertisers are moving the female voice forward through equal representation.

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Content is a Dirty Word: Rebranding Creatives

In a corporate world where traditional media companies are constantly jockeying for consumer attention to avoid disappearing forever, the hunt for stories and content can get intense. But according to award-winning author Joshunda Sanders, the word “content” is inadequate and doesn’t even begin to describe the labor and expertise that creatives put in to not only the brands that employ them, but into their own personal brands that keep themselves relevant and desirable. Join the storytellers and creatives that she will be advising on how to meet the needs varying media sources while still making a living.

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For Women, by Women: Knowing Your Audience

Who could have guessed that making products for underrepresented audiences would lead to massive success? Oui Shave founder Karen Young, that’s who. She saw a need presented by women in the market that was unmet and created a product that would fill it — leading Oui Shave to it’s target audience and resulting in 250% growth in two years. Learn how to find your audience, understand them, and keep them.

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Storytelling & Empathy in a Purpose-Driven Economy

The majority of today’s consumers want to buy from brands that align with their values — and the majority of people want to work for companies that have a social conscience. In order to attract consumers and employees it’s important for brands to share their values in a compelling way while still remaining genuine. Cheryl Houser, Founder and CEO of Creative Breed, has created a way to deliver empathy-inspired messaging that she’s successfully employed in the various documentary films that she’s created and will share her knowledge in this session. Come learn storytelling strategies that any brand in any sector can use to convey values, create emotionally driven content, and connect with an audience to drive positive change.

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Women are Building the Brands We’ve Always Wanted

Brands are starting to prioritize being real, open, and empathetic in order to create authentic connections with consumers — and according to this sessions’ panel of all-female marketers, one of the reasons is the increased purchasing power of women. This trend is called human brands, and it’s become a goal for businesses worldwide, putting a human behind the brand instead of a persona. Join Rachel Blumenthal, Founder and CEO of Rockets of Awesome, Amanda Clark, Senior Vice President, North America Development and General Manager of Taco Bell Canada, Jamie Glipin, Chief Marketing Officer at Sprout Social Inc., and AJ Hassan, VP, Executive Creative Director at R/GA Chicago as they get into how greater representation in the c-suite is transforming brand marketing.

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