What Does the Future of Film & TV Look Like?

February 20, 2020 Neha Aziz

Although we may not be able to give each and every one of you an individualized tarot reading, what we can do is shed some insight on the future of film and television. Sessions in the Film & TV Industry Track from March 13-17 aim to explore the current and subsequent states of film and television, as seen through the independent lens. Check out highlighted panels below!

Inclusivity in Editing

Editors often struggle to be seen as artists regardless of gender, race, or sexuality. On screen talent has largely dominated conversations around diversity, but editors spend more time on projects than most other creatives, aside from the director, and are crucial collaborators in the storytelling process.

American Cinema Editors, founded to advance the art and science of the film editing profession, has been shining a light on the craft for 70 years. The Karen Schmeer Film Editing Fellowship, (formerly presented at SXSW), has launched a Diversity in the Edit Room program, to help bring a wider breadth of backgrounds and experiences into the craft. Join Faisal Azam (Editor / Writer, Diversity in the Edit Room Mentee), Lillian Benson (Editor, American Cinema Editors), Victoria Chalk (The Karen Schmeer Film Editing Fellowship), and Nancy Jundi (COO, GeoPost) in Edit Room Representation: Diversity Below the Line.

But What Do I Watch?

There are so many television series out there, so how do we cut through the noise and figure out what’s worth our time? In Peak TV and the Problem of Choice find out useful and valuable tools to narrow down your choices.

With this content explosion, there’s something compelling on TV today to suit every imaginable viewer taste and mood. But too much choice makes it difficult to discover new content to watch. Per the Nielsen Total Audience Report, viewers are spending valuable time searching for new shows and one in five will abandon efforts if the process takes too long.

Expert panelists Amit Bagga (Vice President, AI & Discovery, Comcast), Natalie Johnston (UX Researcher, Google), Joan Solsman (Senior Writer, CNET), and Trent Wheeler (SVP, Product Gracenote) will discuss next-gen TV experiences and new, data-enabled approaches to content discovery designed to ensure that viewers as well as providers get the most out of Peak TV.

If finding something to watch is difficult for us adults, imagine what is must be for kids! Machine learning can rapidly measure, compare and contrast 100,000+ movie and TV script features. AI provides fascinating insights that can help us understand trends in attitude, characterization and representation in children’s programming, and how these traits can make content more discoverable.

Children’s media leaders David Kleeman (Svp, Global Trends, Dubit), Monica Landers (CEO, Storyfiy), and Halle Stanford (President Of Television, The Jim Henson Company) weigh in. Take a closer look at these subjects in Screen Time for 1.9 B Kids: What’s the Future?

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