SXSW Film Alumni Releases – May 2021

May 3, 2021 Hailey Hess

SXSW 2021 Film Sound of Violence

Say goodbye to Spring showers and hello to May alumni releases including the tale of a sound engineer and an aspiring musician in Sound of Violence; the tangled, comical journey of a modern day romance, Rare Beasts; season three of The Girlfriend Experience; and more.

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Drunk Bus

World Premiere, Narrative Feature, 2020

Michael (Charlie Tahan, OZARK) is a recent graduate whose post-college plan is derailed when his girlfriend leaves him for a job in New York City. When the bus service hires a security guard to watch over the night shift, Michael comes face to tattooed face with Pineapple, a 300-pound punk rock Samoan.

In Theatres, Drive-ins, Virtual Cinema and TVOD May 21.

The Girlfriend Experience

World Premiere, Episodic, 2021

The Girlfriend Experience Season 3 is set amidst the London tech scene and focuses on Iris, a neuroscience major. As she begins to explore the transactional world of The Girlfriend Experience, Iris quickly learns that her client sessions provide her with a compelling edge in the tech world and vice versa. She then begins to question whether her actions are driven by free will, or something else altogether, and heads down a deep path of exploration.

Broadcasts on Starz, May 2.

The Initiation (formerly Dembanger)

World Premiere, Narrative Feature, 2020

A murder during a university’s pledge week ignites a spree of sinister social-media messages and a race against time to stop a killer before he strikes again.

In Theatres, May 7.


North American Premiere, Narrative Feature, 2018

Profile follows an undercover British journalist in her quest to bait and expose a terrorist recruiter through social media, while trying not to be sucked in by her recruiter and lured into becoming a militant extremist herself.

In Theaters, May 14.

Rare Beasts

North American Premiere, Narrative Feature, 2020

Rare Beasts is the dark, funny, failed love story of Mandy and Pete. Mandy is a modern woman in a crisis. Raising a son, Larch (Toby Woolf), in the midst of a female revolution, mining the pain of her parents’ separation and professionally writing about a love that no longer exists, she falls upon a troubled man, Pete (Leo Bill), who is searching for a sense of worth, belonging and ‘restored’ male identity.

In theaters, May 21.

Sound of Violence

World Premiere, Narrative Feature, 2021

Alexis, a sound engineer, helps an aspiring musician, Josh, win the drum machine of his dreams in a competition in a mall. She mentors him and helps him find his groove to compose the winning beat. Once he submits his creation, it triggers a chain reaction revealing the competition booth to be a gruesome contraption. Through Josh’s beat and a horrific death, Alexis’ creative design comes to fruition directing the macabre music she envisioned.

On Demand, May 21.

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