SXSW Film Alumni Releases — March 2021

March 3, 2021 contenteditor

Even though the SXSW Film Festival and a packed 2021 slate is almost here, this month’s alumni releases include comedies that delight and inspire alongside a buffet of existential terrors and supernatural thrills.

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Bad Trip

World Premiere, Narrative Feature, 2020

From a producer of Jackass and Bad Grandpa, this hidden camera comedy follows two best friends as they go on a cross-country road trip full of hilarious, inventive pranks, pulling its real-life audience into the mayhem.

Streaming on Netflix from March 26.

Ghost Stories

North American Premiere, Midnighters (2018)

Professor Phillip Goodman, psychologist and skeptic, has his rationality tested to the hilt when he stumbles across a long-lost file containing details of three terrifying hauntings.

IFC VOD Release on March 26.


World Premiere, Midnighter (2020)

Lucky follows May, a self-help book author with all the answers, who suddenly finds herself stalked by an elusive masked man, and caught in a struggle to get help from the people around her and maintain control over her own life.

Streams on Shudder from March 4.


World Premiere, Narrative Competition Winner (2020)

Lonely college freshman Alex (writer/director Cooper Raiff) has closed himself off from his peers, who all appear to have this whole “college thing” figured out. Everything changes one night when Alex takes a leap and attends a party at Shithouse, where he forges a strong connection with Maggie (Dylan Gelula, First Girl I Loved).

IFC VOD Release from March 10.

The Toll

World Premiere, Midnighter (2020)

In the film, a young woman (Jordan Hayes) and her rideshare driver (Max Topplin) break down on a dark forest road. Each sees the other as a threat. But as strange phenomena begin occurring around them, they gradually realize they’ve become trapped in the world of a terrifying supernatural being: The Toll Man.

In limited theaters, on digital and on VOD platforms from March 26th.

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