“Spark Joy” with Marie Kondo [Video]

December 19, 2018 Nicole Cappabianca

We are so excited to congratulate 2017 SXSW Featured Speaker, Marie Kondo, on her new show coming to Netflix in 2019 – Tidying Up With Marie Kondo. Kondo, a Japanese organization consultant and author, spoke at the SXSW Conference on her acclaimed KonMari Method which provides a spiritual clarity to individuals by establishing a system of determining an item’s relevance.

At SXSW, Kondo highlighted how her method is more than just a spring cleaning tool. The principles behind her KonMari Method are meant to be used through all aspects of life – to steer the individual to cherish the things in life that bring true joy in an age of consumerism. During her session, Kondo explained the central idea behind her KonMari Method saying:

“How do you choose what to keep? Ask, ‘Does it spark joy?’ If it sparks joy, keep it! If it does not, get rid of it.”

Watch the entire Featured Session Organize the World: Design Your Life to Spark Joy above.

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