Shape the Future at the me Convention Forest

January 22, 2019 Chris Backus

me Convention at SXSW.

Our world is changing at an exponential rate. Media keeps evolving, new technologies appear every day and our own expectations are becoming more and more complex. Everyone wants to be the best and brightest in their field, but the goalposts keep shifting and the next big thing is always just around the corner.

To succeed in an unpredictable future, we need to keep learning, adapting and refining our skills. So the big question is: what are the most important skills of tomorrow? Find the answers by visiting this year’s me Convention booth in the Austin Convention Center. Wander through the me Convention forest to discover 6000 threads representing 8 different skills that could hold the key to a better, more human-focused future.

This interactive installation is filled with inspiring ideas and gives you a chance to vote on the future-proof skills that mean the most to you. You’ll walk away with new perspectives on our shared future and a first glimpse of this year’s upcoming me Convention. This hands-on conference across the pond brings together the brightest minds to debate, devise and develop the scientific, societal and global solutions of tomorrow.

Join us in Frankfurt, Germany, to #createthenew from September 11 – 13, 2019.

Photo and content provided by Daimler

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