SAP and Aerospace Industries Association: Brands in Action Series

September 21, 2020 Olivia Cruz

Brands in Action

In this special series, we’re highlighting companies who are answering the call of their communities around the world. Whether in coordinated efforts with like-minded organizations or working internally to do their part, these companies are using their resources to support others.

Access to technical support at home, the office or in the classroom has become a vital part of our everyday operations. Where some individuals have found freedom in the adjustment, several communities still struggle to find the appropriate resources needed for distance work and learning. These companies are tracking the shifts in our lives and building the technology needed to meet the moment.


When exploring the ins and outs of companies in all industries, it’s no surprise that when peeking behind the curtain you find Anwendungen und Produkte in der Datenverarbeitung. Founded in 1972 in Walldorf, Germany and now known as SAP (Systems, Applications, and Products in Data Processing) a global leader in end-to-end enterprise application software, database, analytics and more. In short [and not in german] the SAP team is continuously finding ways to help other businesses work more efficiently, fue their innovation and adapt to the changing tech landscape. Providing support in over 180 countries at their core the goal is to make the world a better place through technology solutions.

This includes re-imagining the workplace to serve the challenges that come with a socially distanced world. Sending employees back to the office in a safe environment is key for companies who rely on in-person team engagement or for those who lack the resources at home to keep up with the steady workflow. Thus the Workspace Booking app was born to provide support to businesses being their employees back in a safe and controlled manner while easily communicating guidelines and facility updates. Jan Gilg, head of SAP S/4HANA expressed, “We are providing customers with our technology to enable them to resume office operations in a secure and controlled way. But the prime focus lies on making employees feel safe through transparent communications.” SAP has also joined forces with a multitude of other companies in the Open COVID Pledge. This allows COVID-19 relief efforts to access their intellectual property at no cost in the hopes of removing obstacles that may delay a solution.

Aerospace Industries Association

For years the AIA has been a steady guide and voice for the civil aviation, national security policy, space systems, technical operations & standards, and international affair divisions. Built to exchange innovative ideas and create solutions on non-competitive matters, the AIA team continues to pave the way for our future.

The organization has come together to support the workforce and communities during the global pandemic. Working with health care professionals and first responders to create a free application allowing for improved communication, delivering PPE and designing new ventilators. This group of tech leaders has shifted gears from the skies and put their expertise to work for their communities. Additionally our summer spent inside did not go to waste as AIA partnered with the American Rocketry Challenge and Private Decision to create the Kerbal Space Program. Bringing an interactive STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) game for free to over 5,000 middle and high school students. Eric Fanning, AIA’s President and Chief Executive Officer shared that, “This exciting new partnership will help students embrace the new reality of our virtual environment, keep their STEM skills sharp, and explore aerospace and physics from the safety of their homes this summer.”

For more information on their efforts and how you can get involved, visit the websites above.

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