Reflector Entertainment’s Takeaways from 2020

November 5, 2020 Olivia Cruz

Reflector Entertainment

Reflector Entertainment had prepared to unveil the Unknown 9 Storyworld with a bang — an immersive live event — but the universe had other plans. Seven months later, the transmedia studio has a few takeaways for reimagining a launch in the era of social distancing.

  1. Build community. Unknown 9: Chapters, an online interactive experience, encourages players to congregate on Discord to share clues and exchange theories.
  2. Stay transparent. Reflector’s audiences appreciated its honesty about the postponement and were supportive.
  3. Tease what’s next. A U9 novel and robust social media presence generated hype leading up to Opening Night Live, at which Reflector dropped an emotional trailer for its forthcoming video game. The strategy worked: the studio won Best Announcement!
  4. Put storytelling first. Reflector kept its community informed about the complexities of the transmedia business model, impressing fans with Unknown 9’s depth.
  5. Think digital. Many U9 products were already designed for virtual consumption, so Reflector was prepared when events moved to online spaces.

The studio looks forward to someday holding in-person events, which create undeniably rich experiences. But in the meantime, Reflector is keeping its fanbase excited by teasing new products and developing online content.

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