Enter Your Session Idea into the 2020 SXSW PanelPicker Beginning July 1

May 10, 2017 Jordan Roberts

New Voices in Gaming - 2019 - Photo by Travis Lilley

Help shape the 2020 SXSW Conference programming – Propose session ideas through PanelPicker® beginning July 1 – July 19, 2019.

PanelPicker is the official SXSW user-generated session proposal platform developed to encourage the community to pitch their proposals for our daytime conference programming. This easy, two-step online process allows the SXSW community to have a voice in what creative and thought-provoking programming is scheduled at the SXSW Conference and SXSW EDU.

The SXSW Conference provides an opportunity for global professionals at every level to participate, learn, and network. Explore what’s next in the worlds of entertainment, culture, and technology within 20 Tracks of programming.

“PanelPicker connects us with the thousands of creative professionals, experts and decision-makers from the many disciplines in the global SXSW community. This interface helps us identify the most compelling new ideas within the many different industries we serve and, in so doing, keeps SXSW exciting, timely, and relevant.” – Hugh Forrest, SXSW Chief Programming Officer

The Application Process

Upload proposals related to music, film, and digital technologies in variety of session formats including panels, solo presentations, workshops, and more. The application process is simple: visit panelpicker.sxsw.com and complete the online form by July 19 at 11:59pm PT.

Go to PanelPicker

All ideas received will be posted online for the PanelPicker Community Voting period. Community votes makeup 30% of the final decision, plus input of the SXSW Staff (30%) and Advisory Board (40%) helps ensure that lesser-known voices have as much of a chance of being selected to speak at SXSW as individuals with large online followings. Together these percentages help determine the final programming lineup – it’s as easy as “enter, review, comment, and vote” to help shape SXSW programming.

Programming Trends

While PanelPicker contributes to the majority of the 2020 SXSW Conference programming, it also helps us identify industry trends based on each season’s entries. From the evolution of immersive technology to the application of interpersonal relationship skills, and the ever-changing media landscape to the promise of gene editing, SXSW aims to keep the cutting edge in view. Explore previous programming trends from SXSW 2019 and follow SXSW News for the latest updates in trends that emerge from the 2020 PanelPicker.

Enter Your Session Idea for SXSW 2020

Stay tuned for more updates on PanelPicker proposal tips, trends, Community Voting, and SXSW 2020 information. Looking for PanelPicker inspiration? Browse our 20 Tracks of programming for expanded descriptions as well as 2019 speaker and session highlights.

Entries Open July 1

Explore all open applications for the 2020 event and be a part of this inventive SXSW community from March 13-22, 2020 in Austin, TX.

Mark your calendars for August 1, 2019 when SXSW 2020 Registration and Housing open.

New Voices in Gaming – 2019 SXSW Session – Photo by Travis Lilley

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