New Year’s Resolutions: SX Speaker Series

January 18, 2024 Hugh Forrest

SXSW Speaker Series

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Here’s what this week’s round of participants had to say about their New Year's resolutions regarding their use of, relationship to, or dependence on technology:

Andrew Mackinnon / TABOO by Design:
"Striving for mindful tech harmony — embracing its benefits while avoiding mindless scrolling. #phoneWellness"

Cal Thompson / Potty Talk: Service Design Post-Binary:
"I use technology to enable my resolutions, like getting more sleep. I've been using my Oura ring to track my sleep and see the impacts of meditating with Headspace. Pretty profound to see my relaxation go way up from just eight minutes of meditation."

Curtis Matzke / Understanding Artist Residencies & Retreats for Filmmakers:
"My resolution wasn't about trying to cut out technology but to simply use it more intelligently and efficiently, particularly as a creative."

Dave A. Liu / Changing Faces: Media Representation and the Path to Positive Portrayals of Facial Differences:
"I've generally tried to take a less AND more approach! Less of the mindless doom scrolling on social media but more of the truly innovative technologies I'm seeing in the generative A.I. space!"

Joseph Jaffe / Mentor:
"Not formally, but it's clear to me that we have a major problem on our hands. Screen abuse is very real."

Mary Beth Albright / Pleasure, Emotional Well-Being, and Food: 2024 Science:
"Fact checking my social media envy. When someone’s accomplishment sparks jealousy in me, I write it on a post it note. Usually when I look at the note the next day, I realize it is not actually something I want for myself — and if it is, I keep the note as a positive, motivating reminder of what matters to me and what is possible."

Reggie Harris / Psychedelic Entrepreneurship and the Underground Economy:
"Yes, use it better to my advantage."

Sue Sisley / Man vs. Nature: The Commercialization of Psilocybin Medicine:
"I resolved to learn ChatGPT — it’s obvious that it will be the next revolution in society. Rather than bury my head, I need to embrace it."

Sydney Williams / Hiking Your Feelings: Blazing a Trail to Self-Love:
"In late 2023, I bought a Remarkable2 with the intention of having my workflow simplified and re-energized by the start of 2024. I created templates for a daily journal, gratitude practice, "get to do" lists, and more intentional frameworks for my creativity. I have never felt more organized and inspired in my entire life!"

We hope you've enjoyed this edition of the Conference Community Newsletter SX Speaker Series!

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