Martin Atkins, China’s Music Industry, and Creative Collaboration: Music Industry Track Sessions for SXSW 2018

January 24, 2018 Hayden Bagot

From international music market analysis to building creative collaboration spaces, the Music Industry Track explores the multi-faceted global music business with the help from experts in the field. Get practical advice for today, and a preview of cutting-edge technology that will impact tomorrow with the Music Industry Track at SXSW in March – check out session recommendations below.

The Music Industry Track features diverse sessions covering topics affecting the industry as it adapts to emerging technology. “We hope to introduce our audience to industry thought leaders from emerging music markets around the globe,” says SXSW Programmer Bobby Nall. He adds, “A Holistic Approach to China’s Music Industry provides attendees with concrete roadmap to help navigate one of the fastest growing and changing music markets in the world, and The Latin American Tastemaker: Tech and Culture discusses the innovative ways musicians and industry pros are using technology to spearhead innovation and growth within the industry, while also fueling discovery of some of Latin Americans best and unknown musicians.”

Explore highlighted topics in the Music Industry Track like playlists-first strategy, collaboration and creativity, China’s music industry, and more. Music Industry sessions will be held March 13-17 with primary access to Music and Platinum Badges; secondary access to all other badges.

Music Industry Highlights

A Holistic Approach to China’s Music Industry

Speakers: Eric De Fontenay (Music Dish), Mathew Daniel (NetEase Music), Susan Wang (STARSING MUSIC GROUP), and Hongjie Li (Sound Summer Ltd.)

Over the past few years, China has witnessed a transformation in its music market. Led by government efforts to legitimize the market, the growth of streaming and changing consumer behavior, it is now one of the fastest growing. But major challenges confront overseas artists and labels, from the Great Firewall to cultural differences and business practices. The panel will present a concrete roadmap to harnessing the Chinese market, from releasing music and promoting artists to touring.

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Sexual Misconduct in the Music Industry

Speakers: Andrea Domanick, Beth Martinez (Danger Village), Caitlin White (Uproxx), and Peggy Hogan (Art Not Love Records)

An open discussion of women’s experiences in encountering demeaning behavior in the music industry. We will examine the difference between assault, harassment, sexism, and misogyny, and will discuss how this aggression affects the psyche of women working in music in regards to asking for promotions, equal pay and influence. We will consider ways for men to become allies to make the music industry a more welcoming place for all people to become successful.

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Measuring What Matters in a Playlists-First World

Speakers: Garrett Gretsch (UnitedMasters), Sung Cho (ChartMetric), Sony Theakanath (Asaii), and Cherie Hu (Forbes)

There’s nothing new about a panel discussing data in the music industry, or how to make playlists, or how to game curation within streaming services. We get it, playlists matter. So let’s talk about how to actually understand and measure them, their curators, and the fans listening to them, and dive into what deeper insights of our industry, music consumption, marketing, and music creation we can unlock by measuring what matters in a streaming-first music industry.

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Martin Atkins: Who Moved My Cocaine?

Speakers: Martin Atkins (Tour:Smart)

Martin Atkins will look at the changing face of revenue in the music business. Forget the four P’s of marketing – how about the three F’s – breweries and coffee makers are partnering with artists to release 7” singles and custom brews. The methods of distribution, release and, most importantly, story creation are changing. Martin will lead you to some insightful, mind opening ideas of where everything is going and what we can use as a launchpad.

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Curation, Collaboration & Creativity

Speakers: Nick Keynes (Tileyard), Cliff Fluet (Lewis Silkin LLP), Sammy Andrews (Deviate Digital), and Denzyl Feigelson (Platoon)

This session will outline the journey of Tileyard Studios and the revolutionary transformation of a dilapidated area of London to one of the most exciting music creators’ hubs in the world. Now with over 80 music studios and 150 creative businesses, it is home to stars such as Mark Ronson and The Prodigy, as well as some of the world’s most disruptive companies, as well as its own management, label, and publishing company.

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