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March 16, 2021 contenteditor

SXSW 2021 Film R#J
SXSW 2021 Film, R#J (Festival Favorites) (U.S. Access)

From March 16-20, registrants will be able to enjoy a unique digital experience.

SXSW Online 2021 passholders can now build their schedule, choosing from 600+ hours of Conference Sessions, Film Festival Screenings, Music Festival Showcases, and Special Events. RSVP for Film Festival screenings with capacity limits is now open.

Beginning Tuesday, March 16, the Film Festival will launch seven films at a time in two-hour increments from 10:00am – 8:00pm CT, with most of the films launching during the first three days of the event (Tuesday – Thursday). Once a film is available, it remains available on-demand until it hits its audience capacity or the event ends on Saturday, March 20. Many films do not have a capacity limit and will be available for the duration of the event. While SXSW is a global event, certain films will be restricted to access in the United States due to rights and/or filmmaker or distributor discretion.

All shorts, film special events, and Virtual Cinema selections are available globally, but most features are geo-fenced to the U.S. by the rights and/or filmmaker or distributor discretion. Here is a quick summary of films and their current availability – Global Access and U.S. Access. This information can also be found on the film’s event page on our SXSW Online platform schedule, and is subject to change.

Global Access

(Hi)story of a Painting (Virtual Cinema Competition)

4 Feet High VR (Virtual Cinema Spotlight)

A Promise Kept (Virtual Cinema Competition)

A Really Dark Comedy (Texas High School Shorts Competition)

A Tale Best Forgotten (Midnight Shorts Competition)

Aleph Title Sequence (Title Design Competition)

Are You Still There? (Narrative Shorts Competition)

Beyond the Model (Texas High School Shorts Competition)

Biolum (Virtual Cinema Competition)

Birds Of Prey and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn Title Sequence (Title Design Competition)

Bob Moses Featuring ZHU – ‘Desire’ (Music Video Competition)

Bruiser (Narrative Shorts Competition)

Chuj Boys of Summer (Narrative Shorts Competition)

Confronting A Serial Killer (Episodic Premieres)

Dale’s House (Episodic Pilot Competition)

Dichos Title Sequence (Title Design Competition)

Dirty Projectors – ‘Overlord’ (Music Video Competition)

Disintegration Loops (24 Beats Per Second)

Don’t Go Tellin’ Your Momma (Narrative Shorts Competition)

Don’t Peek (Midnight Shorts Competition)

Femme (Narrative Shorts Competition)

Finding Pandora X (Virtual Cinema Spotlight)

FKA twigs – ‘sad day’ (Music Video Competition)

Flex (Midnight Shorts Competition)

Flick (Midnight Shorts Competition)

For the Record (Episodic Pilot Competition)

Fucking with Nobody (Global)

Hedgehog – ‘Bat’ (Music Video Competition)

Holographic Dreams (Texas High School Shorts Competition)

i ran from it and was still in it (Documentary Shorts Competition)

I Went To The Dance/J’ai Été Au Bal (24 Beats Per Second)

In Time (Texas High School Shorts Competition)

Jeremy Ivey – ‘Someone Else’s Problem’ (Music Video Competition)

Joanne Is Dead (Midnight Shorts Competition)

Joe Buffalo (Documentary Shorts Competition)

Julia Stone – ‘Break’ (Music Video Competition)

Kid Candidate (Documentary Feature Competition)

KKUM (Animated Shorts Competition)

Kuricorder Quartet – ‘Southpaw’ (Music Video Competition)

Learning Tagalog with Kayla (Texas Shorts Competition)

Lust Title Sequence (Title Design Competition)

Madame Gandhi – ‘Waiting for Me’ (Music Video Competition)

Makeup and Vanity Set – ‘Algorithm’ (Music Video Competition)

Malignant (Texas Shorts Competition)

Marvin’s Never Had Coffee Before (Narrative Shorts Competition)

Meet Mortaza (Virtual Cinema Spotlight)

Metamorphism (Texas High School Shorts Competition)

Never Forget Tibet Title Sequence (Title Design Competition)

Ninjababy (Global)

Nuevo Rico (Animated Shorts Competition)

O Black Hole! (Texas Shorts Competition)

Of Hybrids and Strings (Virtual Cinema Competition)

Once Upon a Sea (Virtual Cinema Spotlight)

Opera (Animated Shorts Competition)

Our Bed Is Green (Animated Shorts Competition)

Our Father (Narrative Feature Competition)

Paper Birds (Virtual Cinema Spotlight)

Parked in America (Episodic Pilot Competition)

Paul Dood’s Deadly Lunch Break (Narrative Spotlight)

Plaisir (Narrative Shorts Competition)

Plant Heist (Documentary Shorts Competition)

Play It Safe (Narrative Shorts Competition)

Poison (Virtual Cinema Competition)

Potato Dreams (Virtual Cinema Spotlight)

Puss (Midnight Shorts Competition)

Recovery (Narrative Spotlight)

Reeducated (Virtual Cinema Competition)

Reklaw (Midnight Shorts Competition)

Rendang of Death (Animated Shorts Competition)

Run That Shit! (Midnight Shorts Competition)

Run The Jewels ft. Pharrell Williams and Zack de la Rocha – ‘JU$T’ (Music Video Competition)

Sales Per Hour (Narrative Shorts Competition)

Samsara (Virtual Cinema Competition)

Sasquatch (Episodic Premieres)

Saygı Title Sequence (Title Design Competition)

Scoob! Title Sequence (Title Design Competition)

Significant Other (Midnight Shorts Competition)

Sonic the Hedgehog Title Sequence (Title Design Competition)

Sophie and The Baron (Documentary Shorts Competition)

Space Explorers: The ISS Experience Episode 2: Advance (Virtual Cinema Competition)

Squeegee (Narrative Shorts Competition)

Strangled Title Sequence (Title Design Competition)

Stuffed (Midnight Shorts Competition)

Summer Animals (Texas Shorts Competition)

Swamp Thing Title Sequence (Title Design Competition)

Ten Leaves Dilated (Documentary Shorts Competition)

The 100 Title Sequence (Title Design Competition)

The Avalanches – ‘Running Red Lights’ (Music Video Competition)

The Beauty President (Documentary Shorts Competition)

The End Of Us (Narrative Feature Competition)

The Expected (Animated Shorts Competition)

The Fabulous Filipino Brothers (Narrative Spotlight)

The Girlfriend Experience (Episodic Premieres)

The Good Wife’s Guide (Texas High School Shorts Competition)

The Lost Sons (Documentary Spotlight)

The Other Morgan (Narrative Shorts Competition)

The Passengers: Her & Him (Virtual Cinema Competition)

The Position (Episodic Pilot Competition)

The Queen’s Gambit Title Sequence (Title Design Competition)

The Thing That Ate The Birds (Midnight Shorts Competition)

The Unlikely Fan (Texas Shorts Competition)

Through the Plexi-Glass: The Last Days of the San Jose (Visions)

Trade Center (Documentary Shorts Competition)

Under the Skin (Virtual Cinema Spotlight)

Under the Volcano (24 Beats Per Second)

Wax Tailor – ‘Misery (ft. Rosemary Standley)’ (Music Video Competition)

Waze & Odyssey, George Michael, Mary J. Blige & Tommy Theo – ‘Always’ (Music Video Competition)

WebbVR: The James Webb Space Telescope Virtual Experience (Virtual Cinema Spotlight)

Wiggle Room (Narrative Shorts Competition)

wired shut. (Texas High School Shorts Competition)

Witch Prophet – ‘Tesfay’ (Music Video Competition)

U.S. Access

4 Feet High (Episodic Pilot Competition)

A Puff Before Dying (Midnight Shorts Competition)

Aguilas (Documentary Shorts Competition)

Alien On Stage (Documentary Spotlight)

Alone Together (Headliners)

Ayar (Visions)

Bantú Mama (Global)

Best Summer Ever (2020 Spotlight)

Broadcast Signal Intrusion (Midnighters)

C.Tangana – ‘Demasiadas Mujeres’ (Music Video Competition)

Chad (2020 Spotlight)

Clerk (2020 Spotlight)

Comeuppance (Texas High School Shorts Competition)

Cruel Summer (Episodic Premieres)

Dear Mr. Brody (Festival Favorites)

Delia Derbyshire – the Myths and the Legendary Tapes (Visions)

Demi Lovato: Dancing with the Devil (Headliners)

Diamond Princess (Documentary Shorts Competition)

Doretha’s Blues (Texas Shorts Competition)

Executive Order (2020 Spotlight)

Fruits of Labor (Documentary Spotlight)

Gaia (Midnighters)

Here Before (Narrative Feature Competition)

Hold me Tight (Animated Shorts Competition)

How It Ends (Festival Favorites)

Hysterical (Documentary Spotlight)

I’m Fine (Thanks For Asking)* (Narrative Feature Competition)

In the Same Breath (Festival Favorites)

Inbetween Girl (Visions)

Introducing, Selma Blair (Documentary Feature Competition)

Islands (Narrative Feature Competition)

Jakob’s Wife (Midnighters)

Language Lessons (Narrative Spotlight)

Like The Ones I Used To Know (Narrative Shorts Competition)

Lily Topples The World (Documentary Feature Competition)

Love is Just a Death Away (Animated Shorts Competition)

Luchadoras (Global)

LUDI (Narrative Spotlight)

Ma Belle, My Beauty (Festival Favorites)

Made for Love (Episodic Premieres)

Mau (Documentary Spotlight)

My Fat Arse and I (Animated Shorts Competition)

Navozande, le musicien (Animated Shorts Competition)

Normal (Animated Shorts Competition)

Not Going Quietly (Documentary Feature Competition)

Offseason (Midnighters)

Poly Styrene: I Am a Cliché (24 Beats Per Second)

Potato Dreams of America (Narrative Feature Competition)

Pretend Partners (Episodic Pilot Competition)

R#J (Festival Favorites)

Red Taxi (Documentary Shorts Competition)

See You Then (Narrative Spotlight)

Sisters (Narrative Shorts Competition)

Soak (Narrative Shorts Competition)

Sound Of Violence (Midnighters)

Soy Cubana (24 Beats Per Second)

The Sparks Brothers (Festival Favorites)

Spring Valley (Documentary Spotlight)

Subjects of Desire (Documentary Feature Competition)

Swan Song (Narrative Spotlight)

The Botanist Title Sequence (Title Design Competition)

The Box (Documentary Shorts Competition)

The Criminals (Narrative Shorts Competition)

The Drover’s Wife the Legend of Molly Johnson (Narrative Spotlight)

The Fallout (Narrative Feature Competition)

The Feast (Midnighters)

The Hunt for Planet B (Documentary Spotlight)

The Journey (Narrative Shorts Competition)

The Mohel (Narrative Shorts Competition)

The Moogai (Midnight Shorts Competition)

The Nipple Whisperer (Narrative Shorts Competition)

The Oxy Kingpins (Documentary Feature Competition)

The Return: Life After ISIS (Documentary Feature Competition)

The Spine of Night (Midnighters)

Them (Episodic Premieres)

Tom Petty, Somewhere You Feel Free (Headliners)

Trapped (Global)

Twyla Moves (Visions)

Under the Influence Title Sequence (Title Design Competition)

United States vs. Reality Winner (Documentary Feature Competition)

Violation (Festival Favorites)

Violet (2020 Spotlight)

We Are As Gods (2020 Spotlight)

We Are The Thousand (2020 Spotlight)

WeWork: or the Making and Breaking of a $47 Billion Unicorn (Documentary Spotlight)

When Claude Got Shot (Documentary Spotlight)

Who We Are: A Chronicle of Racism in America (Documentary Spotlight)

Witch Hunt (2020 Spotlight)

Without Getting Killed or Caught (2020 Spotlight)

Women is Losers (Narrative Feature Competition)

Woodlands Dark and Days Bewitched: A History of Folk Horror (Midnighters)

Your Own Bullshit (Animated Shorts Competition)

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SXSW 2021 Film, R#J (Festival Favorites) (U.S. Access)

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