Grain Media and Bogobrush: Brands in Action Series

June 30, 2021 Olivia Cruz

Brands In Action Summer Series

We have the privilege of working with brands big and small from around the world who are doing incredible things for their communities, the environment and more. Whether in coordinated efforts with like-minded organizations or working internally to do their part, these companies are using their resources to support others.

Grain Media

Addressing a global crisis can be challenging and altogether a seemingly impossible task when trying to send your message to the masses. Though one of the most powerful ways to do so can be through the art of filmmaking. Grain Media is a London-based production company bringing extraordinary experiences, people and events into focus. Inspired by the efforts of two women fighting for water security, Grain Media illuminates the alarming future of a global water crisis.

This year, SXSW Online attendees were able to take a virtual seat next to Orlando von Einsiedel, Aquila Ismail, Poul Due Jensen and Soumya Balasumbramanya as they discussed their film INTO DUST: What Happens When Our Taps Run Dry.

INTO DUST tells the extraordinary true story of Perween Rahman, a woman who worked tirelessly to protect the rights of Pakistan’s poor, and paid the ultimate price. Set against the backdrop of a global water crisis, Perween’s story highlights the dangers of what can happen when our water starts to run out.” – Grain Media

Grain Media brings Into Dust to SXSW Online

Through the carefully crafted narrative, the water crisis that seems so distant from our reality is suddenly thrust into our hearts and minds. Projects like INTO DUST do more than widen our scope of humanity, but also provide resources to help viewers take action.


Brushing your teeth regularly is very responsible and I’m sure your teeth appreciate it. However, what if your daily routine could do more than just polish your 32 little friends? Bogobrush is doing just that by creating a product with sustainability built into every facet from production to purchase. The company was started by siblings looking to combat the plastic crisis, create solutions and produce alternative products like their line of toothbrushes.With both recycled and biodegradable options, you’ll know exactly where each part of your brush has been crafted. The philosophy behind the Bogobrush brand is so much more than providing another sustainable product to choose from. Through their partnerships they are able to support reforestation across Spain, donate products to organizations like Engineers Without Borders and low and no cost health clinics across the U.S. and more.

This years’ SXSW Online event featured CEO and Co-Founder of Bogobrush Heather McDougall hosting a panel discussion “Plastic Is Not The Problem” where they had an in-depth conversation about how to revolutionize a sustainable plastic industry and heal the world along the way.

For more information on their efforts and how you can get involved, visit the websites above.

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