Exploration is in Need of Innovation: Talent and AI will Lead the Way

May 5, 2021 Olivia Cruz

Exploration is in Urgent Need of Innovation: New Talent and AI will Lead the Way

As digital transformation propels the energy landscape forward, one segment of the industry is ripe with opportunities: exploration.

Studio X, powered by Shell, recently launched in Austin, Texas to take bold ideas further with people, data, and technology as the core components. We feel that the word “studio” best reflects what Studio X is: an open innovation collective of scientists, engineers, creatives, and entrepreneurs combining their skills to develop solutions for exploration challenges. The “X” in our name represents the unknown variable we are solving for beginning with energy exploration.

While unlocking clean energy is vital to our future, the global energy transition will span decades. To pave a sustainable road forward, the industry must invest in emerging technologies and collaborative tools that will open new pathways for working faster, smarter, and more efficiently in the immediate term.

By offering software tools, on-demand work, prize-winning challenges, mentorship opportunities, and more to energy innovators, Studio X believes we can transform the way we work and successfully plot the map for energy’s future. The company is looking for the next change agents to join their community today and start shaping what the energy industry will look like tomorrow.

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