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March 24, 2021 Olivia Cruz

Dell Technologies Participated in SXSW Professional Development Hub

No matter how I looked at it, there wasn’t enough time. As a school district project manager, I was planning a 15,000 device “summer refresh,” with another 15,000 devices needing deployment. When I overheard our students bemoaning the lack of summer jobs, it hit me — they need jobs, I need workers. So I created a summer job program that went on to win a social impact award from Dell Technologies. When I posed with Michael Dell for that social impact award photo, I could never have foreseen that today I would have a Dell Technologies badge myself!

My name is Kim Boutwell, and I’m the lead for philanthropic endeavors for North America at Dell Technologies.

When I was ready for a career change, I turned to Dell. In my new role and based on my previous experience with the school, I created the global Dell Student TechCrew program, which trains students to become certified technicians and set up IT helpdesks at their schools, focusing on rural, low income, and low access areas. This program has created my dream career. Meet our TechCrew students in this video!

And go to https://jobs.dell.com/sxsw to find your dream career!

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