DISCO and Cogna Educação: Brands in Action Series

September 10, 2020 Olivia Cruz

Brands in Action

In this special series, we’re highlighting companies who are answering the call of their communities around the world. Whether in coordinated efforts with like-minded organizations or working internally to do their part, these companies are using their resources to support others.

Providing tools that offer a better digital experience has always been the goal for tech industry leaders as they continue to develop their products. These companies have found themselves in the unique position to help the continuation of learning by providing resources to support both students and teachers while working remotely.


Consistently finding themselves slowed down by convoluted processes and faulty ediscovery tools, a Houston based litigation boutique created a solution for the traditional legal technology. Since 2012 DISCO has been used in over 400 law firms and is one of the fastest-growing ediscovery solutions in North America.

They’ve extended their commitment to the study of law beyond practicing firms and into the classroom by offering their service as a free tool for professors. Trial attorney Emily Acosta from Levy Konigsberg LLP shares that, “In the competitive legal job market, having hands-on ediscovery technology training is an incredible advantage as ediscovery is and continues to be a huge part of the actual practice of law. I’ve used DISCO for years and the ability for students to learn this in school will make an immediate impact.”

Winner of the 2020 Recognize Good Ethics in Business award, DISCO has created a culture within the company emphasizing belief “To Help is Human”. With an already established connection to several communities and an instinct for doing what’s right, DISCO Cares supports their team in efforts to give back. From Locks of Love to Swim Across America, their employee volunteers have logged over 150 hours and contributed over $50,000. Including a charity poker tournament where participants raised $4,000 to Feeding America along with donations to 30 other charities.

Cogna Educação

The Brazilian company Cogna Educação has revolutionized access to quality learning and serves the needs of students from basic to higher education. Through their social activities, partner schools and programs, millions of people are provided resources to build their futures and transform their communities.

When met with the global pandemic Cogna Educação contributed over $47M in educational programs, platforms, resources and professional development for public school teachers and students in Brazil. Courses like “How to be an entrepreneur: challenges and opportunities” have been created for high school students specifically to address starting a business during a crisis. Over 5,000 virtual classes covering middle school curriculum that include study and practice exercises have been made available through Stoodi de Portas Abertas for free. Cogna continues to grow and shift with mindful partnerships to better support remote learning in Latin America.

For more information on their efforts and how you can get involved, visit the websites above.

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