Cinematography, Web Series, and Music Selections: Making Film & Episodics Track Sessions for SXSW 2018

January 16, 2018 Neha Aziz

Learn everything you need to know about developing and crafting your project, from screenwriting and working with your subject to post-production and beyond with the Making Film & Episodics Track sessions at the 2018 SXSW Conference.

“While the barriers for film and episodic making are lower than ever, obstacles remain at every turn,” says SXSW Programmer Austin Nauert. “Whether you want to learn about financing, casting, editing, marketing, cinematography, or if you simply just want to sit down and talk with an accomplished filmmaker in one of our popular mentor sessions, our Making Film & Episodics Track covers all of the topics you need to make your next film.

Learn more about the Making Film & Episodics Track as we highlight sessions that discuss cinematography, web series, music selections, and more. The Making Film & Episodics Track runs from March 10-13 with primary access to Film and Platinum Badges and secondary access to Music and Interactive Badges.

Making Film & Episodics Sessions Highlights

Choosing Film Lenses for an Emotional Response

Speakers: Snehal Patel (Zeiss Inc) and Matthew Libatique (American Society of Cinematographers)

Cinematographers have been using various focal lengths of lenses in creative ways for over a century in order to evoke emotion. Certain lenses pull you into a character in an intimate and revealing close up, some can scare you, while others help frame the breathtaking action sequence. Why are there so many choices, and how are focal lengths used in cinematic photography? During this session we will pose these questions to a renowned cinematographer who has filmed some top Hollywood movie.

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How Documentaries Can Rise In the Webseries World

Speakers: Mando Rayo (The Tacos of Texas), Adrienne Becker (Killer Films Media), and Pamela Torno (ITVS)

From music, to makeup tutorials, to film, webseries are heavily impacting the way people consume media now. In this ITVS Panel, Senior Producer of ITVS’s online docuseries, Storycast, Karim Ahmad will moderate a “How-to” discussion format with filmmakers, where they will provide insight about the decision making and production process on shaping a documentary into episodic, binge-worthy content and cultivating an audience, uplifting the art of video-journalism.

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How to Get the Best Music for Your Project

Speakers: Kim Roberts-Hedgpeth (Film Musicians Secondary Markets Fund) and Dennis Dreith (Magic Closet Music)

Original film score or licensed music? From hiring a composer or Music Supervisor to clearing your music & music related residuals, we will answer real world questions & explain how to stick to your critically important post-production budget. What does it REALLY cost to get good music & who do I owe once distribution starts? Too many producers don’t think about music for their project until there is no time OR $$ left. We’ll help you avoid costly mistakes & explain common traps for every budget.

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Telling Tales in Episodic TV

Speakers: Kelley Dixon (Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul), Kabir Akhtar (Crazy Ex- Girlfriend, New Girl), and Josh Earl (Deadliest Catch, Mark Hamill’s Pop Culture Quest)

No matter what genre, editing plays a critical role in creating TV series that educate, enlighten and entertain. Award-winning editors behind hit TV shows like Breaking Bad, Crazy Ex-girlfriend and Deadliest Catch share the secrets to their success and discuss the differences in editing for drama, comedy, documentary and reality TV. Discover the creative and technical tools and processes they rely on, and their tips for creating compelling stories that keep audiences coming back for more.

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Making the Cut: Film Editing Secrets Revealed

Speakers: Catherine Haight (Transparent, Girls), Mary Jo Markey (Star Wars: The Force Awakens/ Star Trek), Sandra Adair (Boyhood, Dazed and Confused), and Matt Feury

The award-winning editors behind critically acclaimed movies like Star Wars, Boyhood and The Polka King share the secrets to their success and discuss their long-time collaborations with high-profile directors. Discover their creative tools and processes, how they collaborate with renowned directors, and their tips for making it as a film editor.

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Crossover Track Recommendations

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