Ashley Sabin – SXSW Film Festival Alumni Stories

January 7, 2019 Neha Aziz

At SXSW 2018 we celebrated the 25th Edition of the SXSW Film Festival and had the pleasure of sharing stories, memories, and reflections from our distinguished alumni. We had a blast telling these tales and want to keep the party going! Today we move the spotlight to Ashley Sabin.

Sabin premiered three feature films at SXSW with her frequent collaborator David Redmon: Kamp Katrina (World Premiere, 2007), Intimidated (Producer, World Premiere, 2008), and Girl Model (U.S. Premiere, 2012). In addition to directing, producing, and writing, the pair also shoot and edit their own films. Read about Sabin’s experience with feature film debuts below:

“Can it really be that I premiered the the first film I directed, Kamp Katrina, at SXSW in 2007? How time has passed! The experience of screening the film in the Emerging Visions category planted some strong roots for my career as well as opened up filmmaking friendships that continue to this day.

Very soon after Kamp Katrina screened we (David Redmon and myself) started the distribution branch of our company with many films that screened at SXSW. This was when DVD distribution was a viable market. We picked up Orphans, Bound to Lose, Citizen Architect, Loot, Woodpecker, October Country, Sweethearts of the Prison Rode, Manhattan, KS, and New Year Parade. There was a magical energy meeting these filmmakers at SXSW and other fests and being able to share in the dream of creating independent stories, watching them in the cinema, and connecting to an audience. Though we no longer distribute films via DVD, we’re trying to find that magical spirit in our upcoming film — so this past still is haunting us.”

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U.S. Premiere of Girl Model – Photo by Ziv Kruger

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