Achieve Your Self-Improvement Goals at the Wellness Expo

January 21, 2020 Allison Belcher

Caulipower at Wellness Expo – Photo by Ann Alva Wieding

With the arrival of the new decade, you may be striving for better physical or mental health, whether that’s through routine fitness activities, healthier eating habits, or exploring the benefits of CBD. While the path to self-improvement can be a challenging one, the SXSW Wellness Expo is here to offer you guidance and resources to achieve those self help goals. The Wellness Expo has a plethora of hand-selected companies to help you kick-start your year of healthy living.

Get to know a few of our 2020 Wellness Exhibitors showcasing a variety of products and services you can incorporate into your new and improved self-care regime.


Are you on the #SoberJanuary bandwagon? Whether you’re on an alcohol detox for the month or the entire year, Seedlip can help you get through those cocktail cravings. Seedlip is on a mission to change the way the world drinks with the highest quality non-alcoholic options, offering the world’s first distilled non-alcoholic spirits.

Califia Farms

Join the plant-based revolution. Califia Farms believes food must be returned to its original nourishing purpose with the power of plants and by working together for the good of the planet. With Califia’s assortment of plant-based products, it’s easier than ever to kick dairy out of your diet for good. Shop products ranging from non-dairy coffee creamer to cold brew coffee.

Little Moon Essentials

Founded 1994 in Colorado, Little Moon Essentials provides the highest quality beauty products by avoiding machinery and using their hands from start to finish. Little Moon Essentials offers a colorful line of products ranging from mists, massage oils, bath salts, lotions, and body rubs. Best part? Little Moon Essentials believes in the conservation of the environment, and does not engage with companies that test on animals.

Grass Roots Harvest

More and more people everyday are discovering the life-changing benefits of CBD. CBD helps with a number of issues, including difficulty sleeping, mood funks, body pain, or trouble relaxing. Grass Roots Harvest offers a variety of products including CBD tinctures, topicals, capsules, honey, gummies, and tinctures for your furry friends.

Central Athlete

When setting self-improvement goals, making more time for physical activity always falls high on the list – and with good reason. Engaging in daily physical activity is the catch all for improving both physical and mental health. Whether you’re looking to stand on the podium of a 5k run or drop below 10% body fat, Central Athlete is Austin’s premier strength and conditioning facility with a client-centered focus by designing personal programs and assessing client needs.

Attend 2020 Wellness Expo

Embrace positive change with the help of these health-conscious brands. Catch them all at the SXSW Wellness Expo running March 14-15 from 11am-6pm at the Palmer Events Center. The expo is free and open to the public.

SXSW Wellness Expo – Photo by Ann Alva Wieding

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