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1 2 S X S W o r l d | M AY / J U N E 2 0 1 6 | S X S W. C O M 1 SXSWedu Closing Party 2 (L-R) Featured speakers David Coleman, Sal Khan, Barbara Jenkins and Damon Williams 3 Expo Student Startup Competition winners (L-R) Rohit Srinivasan , Sid Rao and Serena Hoskins 4 Launch startup competition winner ELSA 5 Student attendees exploring 3D printing technologies at the Expo 6 Opening keynote speaker, Temple Grandin 2 3 1 Z I V K R U G E R E R I K T H U R E S O N S T E V E R O G E R S What happens when you get education en- thusiasts from across the country in one cra- zy, fun and innovative city? You are inspired. You are challenged. You are reinvigorated and most importantly come away from SXSWedu just a little bit smarter… " - Getting Smart It was a pleasure to experience the creative energy at SXSWedu...all focused on learning. The conference met its goal of fostering in- novation in education by engaging a diverse group of stakeholders in meaningful discus- sion." - HMH Blog: The Spark What I love about the conversations happen- ing at SXSWedu, though, is that many are teacher-led. It's not the suits leading the con- versations, it's the teachers. They are sharing new pedagogical approaches alongside EdTech developers who are showcasing their products alongside folks from foundations who are emerging points of view about scale and impact." - Bright 5 J O S H M A R T I N E Z 6 R O B S A N T O S 4 D I E G O D O N A M A R I A " " " Recap

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