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July 5, 2018 Neha Aziz

SPACEBUSTER: We Like America- 2018 SXSW Place by Design Finalist

The built environment and design of our shared spaces have a profound influence on our daily lives. In the public realm, design-based solutions can produce a wide range of outcomes impacting areas as diverse as health, behavior, social interaction, creativity and civic engagement.

The SXSW Place by Design Competition provides a platform for artists, architects, designers, and urbanists at all levels to present their scalable solutions for improving our shared landscape (including public art, urban interventions, digital technologies, and architecture).

The selected finalists will be invited to present at SXSW 2019. Each designer or team will present their work in a fast-paced pitch competition and participate in a Q&A session with the judges, who ultimately determine the winner. Read about last year’s winning project Adressaparken here.

The competition will take place during the Design Track at SXSW 2019.

Who Should Apply

The Place by Design competition is open to all types of design work that rethinks, enhances, or transforms public space, including but not limited to emerging technologies, urban interventions, public art, and architecture.


Work will be judged in part by its impact on the design problem it set out to solve, therefore conceptual submissions and projects in planning are not eligible for inclusion at this time. Creative collaborations and work using data, media, emerging technologies, and the arts are encouraged to apply. No intervention is too small, but ultimately we are seeking original, ingenious ideas that are site-specific yet can scale, and will inspire other creatives, designers and urbanists to improve their own surroundings.

Applications Close: Friday, November 9, 2018 at 11:59pm PT

Apply Now

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Above image: SPACEBUSTER: We Like America- 2018 SXSW Place by Design Finalist

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